Done right, a decorative porch, walkway or driveway can vastly improve the look of any home. With multiple awards for excellence in decorative concrete, Knox Construction has the experience, knowledge, and attention to detail that it takes to ensure you get the look that you want. Between stamped concrete, added color, exposed aggregate, and sand finish, the options available with us allow for a vast range of finishes wherever you need decorative concrete, whether it be the front porch, a pool or spa deck, or even an exquisite indoor countertop to spice up the kitchen.


Additionally, we can provide you with the supplies and help you need to maintain the high-quality appearance of your concrete for years to come. There’s no reason to settle for a smooth, lifeless front porch when you can have a vibrant slab that looks cut from natural rock, and Knox Construction will work with you to make your concrete the envy of the neighborhood.


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