Knox Construction, Inc. is a second generation family–owned company that has operated in Oregon’s Willamette Valley since 1965. KCI’s current corporation was formed by Marion, Duane, Steve and Larry Knox in 1987. As a closely held family corporation, KCI is committed to honesty, integrity and an unparalleled attention to quality workmanship. KCI has experience in a variety of construction applications, and we appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to the services KCI can offer. Following is a summary of our organization and why we can meet your construction needs:



KCI’s business relationships are based upon trust and communication, and we believe we have a record without claims or litigation that would be difficult to match in the construction industry. We believe the evidence of the relationships that we have built with customers, suppliers, and subcontractors is our history of collections and payments. Our receivables are rarely paid in more than 15 days after billing and our payables are usually paid by the 10th of the following month.


KCI is committed to quality workmanship and both management and crews display a great attention to detail. As a closely held family business, many of our employees are also family and each one takes individual ownership in each task to produce a project that can be characterized by quality. We believe that attention to detail sets us apart from other contractors.


The principal members of management of KCI have over 100 combined years of construction experience in a variety of commercial, light industrial and residential projects. KCI has experience as both a general contractor and specialty subcontractor, and has performed work on a variety of wood and steel structures. KCI crews usually perform all of the work related to concrete foundations, concrete flatwork, decorative concrete applications, wood or light gauge steel framing, siding, and all finish carpentry. KCI also provides quality project management, and has experience with design/build projects where KCI has worked with the owner and architect/engineer to develop a workable and cost effective project that meets the owner’s needs.


KCI has a history of providing a “no hassle” construction experience for project owners. This experience has been the result of selecting quality subcontractors, controlling the quality of KCI’s self–performed work, and communication with the owner throughout the construction process. We believe that all of these factors have contributed to our lack of construction claims, disputes or litigation.


Because of the reputation of honesty and integrity that KCI has built over the past years, many of KCI’s construction contracts are performed on a negotiated cost–plus basis. But KCI has also experienced a good success rate on bid projects, so we believe we provide affordable and competitive pricing. Because of our attention to detail and commitment to quality, we may not be the most inexpensive option for your project. However, we believe that the entire construction experience with KCI provides additional value to a construction project. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Knox Construction, Inc. Following is a brief summary of our various divisions of construction projects and a list of references from past projects. We look forward to serving your construction needs.